I love Galaxy Note 2 but is Note 3 worth buying?

It was just a year ago when everyone appeared to have a romance with Samsung and every Galaxy device that arrived on the planet was greeted with euphoria and great excitement. A year has since passed and it appears to me that everyone appears to have dumped Samsung phones and news of any Galaxy product release has been muted.

The Galaxy S4 premiered amidst massive hype and substantial marketing budget but sales report have so far been lack-lustre. And now the Galaxy Note III has been released and yet I barely come across any writer speaking about it.

Well, I’m not a Samsung loyalist but I’ve been hearing a lot of great stuffs about the Note 2. Last year, I was really craving for it but wasn’t able to do so because my contract wasn’t up for renewal yet. I tried to look at things positively in the past and told myself that Note 2 is great but Note III should be greater. Now that I’m almost running from my contract and eligible for upgrade, I am disappointed with the Note III that I have seen to date. Almost no one really wants to speak about it and there can only be one reason for that and it’s none other than bad product. But having seen so many happy Note II users within my social circles, it has been established in me that the Note phablet is the next best option to the iPhone.

So, what should I buy? Should I follow my initial plan still and proceed with Note III? Or should I consider other alternatives?


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